Moving On 2011

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Today our 2nd graders hosted a very special Moving On Ceremony.  After the Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner, our students sang songs and presented narratives about their experiences here at PS 373R.  Special awards were presented and the celebration ended with a beautiful cake enjoyed by the families of the graduates.  Good Luck to all of our students Moving On to new schools in September…


A Surprise Performance

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Students from Ms. Dimeo’s class visited Sunnyside today and treated our K-2nd graders to a special surprise performance.  These students have been working with Mr. Michael Sample of the Metropolitan Opera Guild’s Urban Voices Program.  They visited our school and preformed songs from Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and even a Mozart song sung in Latin.  The performance was wonderful and a terrific time was had by all!!!

Access Partnership With MoMA

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Last week, PS373R’s young artists held a private viewing of their Picasso inspired artwork for family and friends.

PS373R has collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for the past five years.  The Access Partnership affords our special population the opportunity to encounter original works o art in a positive and stimulating way.  Kirstin Broussard, the museum educator, gives classroom instruction for eight sessions where the students learn about and create art.  Two other sessions are spent visiting the MoMA in New York City!

Aligning this experience to both the NYC Blueprint For the Arts and he Common Core Standards, teachers Christine Curran and Jacci Caroccia helped students create a newspaper that documented the entire event.

The culmination of the Access Partnership is the “Partnership Museum Display”, where all students work is displayed at school, in rue museum style, for student’s families, friends and the school community to enjoy.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

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Today Ms. Madino and Ms. Banerjee’s classes celebrated a very special birthday for Dr. Seuss with a green eggs and ham breakfast!!!

Halloween 2010

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Fall is upon us and our 1st school-wide celebration was our Annual Halloween Parade. Students sang traditional Halloween songs and creeped through our school all decked out in their costumes in search of tasty treats provided by our dedicated staff members. A SPOOKTACULAR TIME was had by all…

September 2010

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Welcome everyone to a new school year here at Sunnyside.  Students have all settled in to their new classrooms nicely and our staff has high expectations for another successful year here at PS373R.

We are most fortunate to have some new and exciting programs offered throughout the school year.  Students will be exercising with Mr. Simpson during Physical Education classes.  Mrs. Albano will be focusing on our Science Program with many hands-on experiments for our students.  Mrs. Curran will be continuing our wonderful Art Program with another access partnership with the MoMA.  Miss Jacci will be teaching Technology with our rolling computer lab and new Smart Board, as well as continuing our Citizenship Social Studies Program. Our school Mascot Wally Wolf will be helping out with our PBIS Program too.

I’d like to welcome all of our new students and their families to our PS373R school community.  We all look forward to working with you throughout the school year. Our school Motto is “TEAMWORK IN THE BEST INTREST OF STUDENTS”  So please stay tuned to view postings on our special student projects and our Sunnyside News.  We welcome your comments.

Happy Blogging!!!

Miss Jacci

Meet Famous Pirates during Week #5

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Our pirate studies during this week included researching real pirates.  We read more books,  completed web quests, and leaned some facts about the real pirates that sailed the 7 seas.

We learned the meanings behind some real Jolly Roger’s, or pirate flags and then we created our very own flags.

We learned some new facts about Blackbeard, William Kid, Calico Jack Rackham. and Anne Bonny.

Next week lessons will include learning all about pirate treasure!!!